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A registered trademark legally protects a name, logo, slogan, or domain name used to identify a business or product.


    As long as your mark will not will cause a "likelihood of confusion" (make consumers confused as to which business or product is which), registration could be allowed.  


    The Law Offices of Todd Wengrovsky offers the service of a trademark search along with an analysis as to the "registerability" of your mark.


    Thereafter, if you are already using your mark in commerce, The Law Offices of Todd Wengrovsky  can file a standard U.S. trademark application. If you have not yet used the mark, The Law Offices of Todd Wengrovsky can file an "Intent-To-Use" application, if within 6 months of filing we confirm that use has begun. Your application will be pending for several months, during which time you can use "TM" in connection with the mark to claim rights to it. If the mark is approved, it will then be "published for opposition," for one month, affording those who object to registration of the mark an opportunity to argue before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

    Once your mark is registered, you can use the "®" symbol in connection with your trademark, and you can renew your registration indefinitely, in ten-year terms. If you ever feel that your mark is being infringed upon, the Law Offices of Todd Wengrovsky can assist you in enforcing your registration.


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